Friday, July 1, 2011

A Good Day at Work

    Ok I am under no illusion that my job is fantastic, or going to take me anywhere special in life, but it's a good job and I do it fairly decent, so with that being said, today was a good day. Actually I guess it's more like tonight was a good night. Since it's the Friday of a long holiday weekend lots of people were shopping. Lot's of teens who have no idea where anything in the store it. Lot's of picnic throwers getting all their rolls, meats, watermelons (by the way, I finally learned the register number for watermelons since I sold so many in the last two days)
      I had one lady tell me you are just so pleasant. Two Aren't you just so sweet to help me? And one Thank you so much for the conversation as I checked out my groceries, it seems like so many cashiers don't even want to greet a person any more. Ok that last one, I can't really take credit for because I'm at home with the little two for most of the day by myself and quite frankly I'm just happy to talk with an adult and not be interrupted by some little voice who needs a drink, food or a referee, so I'm a regular "Chatty Cathy" when I'm working for the most part.

    I had one customer who never used self check out before, and he was so nervous he'd mess it up (it's not the atom bomb folks, there's nothing you can do to that machine that can be undone with the turn of a key.) So I explain the basics, he goes through his whole purchase, with minimal help from me, and that was only because he had produce, and at the end, the look of pride/excitement on his face was priceless (reminded me of my kids and a good grade on a test). So now he's all excited and can't wait to use self checkout again!!! (I'm sure he went home and told his dear wife all about it.)

    So while I didn't cure cancer or balance the national debt, I did make some people smile today. And I helped one man face his fear of the self checkout and walk away with the feeling of victory. All in all, not a bad night in my book.