Sunday, January 17, 2010

How is he my son?

  So once again it's that time of the week for me to plan lunches for the men in the family. The twins normally get a sandwich and 2 snacks, usually a granola bar and a bag of chips/pretzels/what have you.

     Well today C tells me he doesn't like chips. He likes Cheetos, Fritos, etc, but not chips. I knew he didn't like pretzels, so I try not to buy the variety bag with them in it, but how can he not like chips??? I can't even think of eating a sandwich without chips and C doesn't even like them??? How can he be my son????

   Oh and yes there are apples, bananas and such for them to take for snack as well. But I guess eating something healthy for lunch must take you down a level or two on the cool factor???

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lowering expectations

 I think when we're younger we have all these plans of what we'd like to do and accomplish. We have great visions of how we'll make the world a better place and then Motherhood comes along.

   In some ways I still drive to make the world a better place. I try to raise my children so people feel better for having known them. Hubby and I try to teach them right from wrong, good from evil, you know the basic parenting stuff.

    But for myself I've lowered my expectations, a lot. It doesn't take much to make me happy now. If I get to eat my cereal before it's soggy, it's like winning the lottery (I actually plan my cereal purchase to be something that takes a long time to get soggy). I used to want to wear nice clothes and look good. Now, if it fits and it's on sale, I'm a happy camper! 

    So I guess some would say I've "settled", but is that really such a bad thing? Maybe it's just better to be happy w/ the little things in life instead of be miserable about the things we can't have?

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm ready for warm weather

   I know I'm crap out of luck since I live in PA and the temperature is hovering around freezing right now, but I'm ready for warm weather all the same.
   I'm ready to plant my garden! I'm ready to walk outside and feel the dirt between my toes as I plant, weed and pick. I like winter, and usually I'm not so ready to get rid of it, but we've had snow twice in December, so we could have it once more in January and then bring on the sun and the 70 degrees!

   I'm also ready to go camping. I had thought we might be able to sneak south for Easter break, but it doens't look like that will pan out, so I'll have to settle for Mother's Day. Then June we'll take a week and then July our big family camping trip to Knobles!!! Lots of cousins, an aunt and uncle or two, we look forward to that one every year.

 So while it's still blustery outside I'll dream of warmer days to come. Of seeds and plants, of campfires and s'mores. Come one spring time!!