Sunday, January 12, 2014

You're in the Army now.

 Yup he's in the Army now and by extension, so are we. I do know I can't share much about where he goes or what he does, so this is more about me and to some extent the rest of the family and what we go through while waiting to hear from our Soldier. I didn't blog in the beginning because, well this mom was just too emotional and I didn't think I wanted to read back on those early days.

   I have some people to thank. First my dear friend Dawn (and her hubby too for answering my questions) she's been an Army wife for while a long while now, so she's been my sounding board, my shoulder to cry on and my "keep calm and carry on" when I just felt lost. So big hugs to you my friend.

     Also my group of internet moms (most of whom I've never met) and yet they surrounded me with love and read my sad words and reassured me we'd get through those first couple weeks of Basic training. (a couple of them had hubbies in the service and one even was in the service herself). 

   And most importantly I thank my Heavenly Father. I worried so often about how our Soldier was doing and all the while God was putting him right where he needed to be. (oh you of little faith).

    For those who don't know, Basic Combat Training (BCT) shuts down for Christmas/New Years so the Drill Sargent can spend time with their loved ones as well. Which means we got to spend time with our Soldier over the holidays as well. Which also meant this Army mama, got to hear it from the horse's mouth that the Army was treating him ok and his training is going well. That was a true blessing to our family. 

   So that's my little update on Son#2. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with my blog a little more. 

We'll try this again...

  Well I still haven't learned to disable the shortcuts on the lap top and the desk top has gone to that great cloud in computer Heaven, so I guess I'll just try to muddle through and see how it all goes.

   Some big changes at our house on the hill. Son # 1 has moved out on his own (renting from a friend). Son #2 has joined the Army, so this is an interesting journey as well. Baby Girl is now in school full time (big 1st grader) which means mommy is working in a new department during the day. (getting back to my roots and working the deli) So big changes all around

   Maybe I'll even tinker with the blog and change it up some.