Friday, November 20, 2009

I thought this was America

  I thought this was America, home of the free, land of the brave and yet... this poor woman can't even hang out her dang laundry without someone giving her a raft of crap! In these times when people are doing all they can to hold on to what they've got this woman's neighbors want to tell her she can't hang out her laundry. It's not like she bought a house in a development that has bylaws about this sort of thing. She's living in an old farmhouse where, you can bet your sweet bippy there have been plenty of wash lines throughout the years

     Now I hang out my laundry when the weather permits, it's saves me at least $50 a month, that might be chump change to some, but it's a nice little bonus to our family budget. I also live out in the "country" so I don't have any neighbors on the other side of the street to complain. In fact my neighbors are pretty impressed I hang out my clothes (thanks mom and dad for the vote of confidence). 

     I just have to wonder why these people who choose to live in a cookie cutter house and follow the other lemmings blindly, feel the need to bother this woman who chooses to live a little greener. I'm sure these are the same people who feel the need to act like they're "green" but drive their 2 kids in a huge SUV and run their A/C all summer long without a break so they don't have to even think about what the temperature outside. I wonder if their windows even open?
   So Carin I salute you and your drying laundry. Hang those unmentionables with the rest of you clothing and tell the neighbors to go kiss your Aunt Fanny!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's not the same taste

 So Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks have now added fiber to them and they claim It's the same great taste. Well I beg to differ, it's not the same great taste, it's a new yucky taste. Why must they mess with the classics?????

    Let's face it, if I want fiber, I'm going to buy an adult cereal and make an attempt to eat healthy. I'll buy something like Cereal That Tastes Better if You Eat the Box or some thing equally as appetizing. I know they're trying to get the kids to eat healthy, but do you really think that parents that care about fiber are the ones who are buying Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks to begin with?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mtn Washmoore

   Seriously where does all this laundry come from?? I don't even do the oldest two's laundry and yet I do one or two loads a day at a minimum. Add to that the fact that in order to keep the electric bill down I'm using the Amish wash-line on the days that the sun shines and it feels like my whole life revolves around dirty clothes.

     I'm thinking there's got to be a better way... I liked the thought of disposable clothes, but... then they'd be filling up the landfills, so while it'd be nice for me, not so much for the Earth. Then I though maybe they could wash themselves, but that would mean some motorization and some type of structure so they'd be able to climb into the washer and dryer and fold themselves after they flip into the proper drawer which would probably mean some pretty uncomfortable clothes. I guess I could win the lottery and then hire someone to do my laundry, but then in order to win the lottery I'd have to actually play it and quite frankly I'd rather spend the $1 on a Take 5 bar (Hershey's equivalent to Heaven IMHO).

     So after considering all my options, I guess I'll just need to get up off the computer and put another load of clothes out on the line.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

How I got my name

Well it's easy, beacuse I rarely match my socks. Now this doesn't really bother me that my socks don't match. In fact if I'm having a bad day I'll choose 2 socks that aren't even close. It's like my own personal little joke. (never said I have the worlds best sense of humor). I also know this bothers some people, so if I know I'll be near them and have my shoes off, I'm blatently obvious about it (I know, petty, but I never claim to be otherwise)

Now if I'm going out for a nice night (which so rarely happens) and I'm wearing my mules, I take the time to make sure I've got matching socks on. They'll match each other as well as the outfit I'm wearing. Which means my poor dear hubby will have to wait a few extra minutes for me to get ready because, since I don't pair them while I'm doing laundry, it can take a while that find to of the same.