Monday, May 30, 2011

Feeling much more hopeful about the garden

  OK so finally the rain stopped long enough for us to get back in the garden!!!! I did have to replant the string beans and carrots, but the peas and radishes are thriving, the verdict is still out on the beets, but they like to be spread apart anyhow.

   With Dad's help we got the garden tilled till the dirt was nice and fine. Then twin #1 planted the corn (only a little curve to the row)

 We planted 4 rows of Butter and Sugar (bi-color) and 2 rows of  Silver Queen. The bi-color will come on quicker, so by the 1st week in August I'll have sweet corn!!! (YUMMY!!!!)
     I know we totally cheat using the bigger equipment, but hey, it sure does make my life easier to plant lots of corn that way. Plus it makes The Men happy to help in the garden!!

      It rained this morning, well actually a down pour, but hoping that didn't wash the seeds away and will just help them to jump up quick.!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

My poor garden

    We've had nothing but rainy, cold, damp weather for the most part this spring. The few days of sun we've had, haven't really been enough to till the garden and get it planted. The up side to that was the lettuce reseeded it's self. So I got out the rototiller (the one my PopPop used on his garden) and tilled up a row to move the lettuce to. Onions had restarted themselves, so I put those in the row too.

    Last Thursday it was dry enough, Pop could disk the garden for me. It was too wet to plow, so I got the tiller out and tilled up enough for peas, radishes, stringbeans, beets and carrots. And then the dry weather was over. The lettuce is still fairing well. Some of the stringbeans came up, but I'm thinking I'll have to replant most the row. Not sure about the peas yet. I *think* they're coming up since it's a straight row of something growing there.

      This is what my garden should look like by now

I should have radishes ready to harvest. I should have lots of tidy little rows of green. The corn part of the garden should be ready to be planted in the next week or so

 But no, it's just a big muddy mess with some lettuce and a few string beans poking their little heads out. I can't even bring myself to take a picture of it right now.

   So here's hoping that this rain decides it's had enough of dumping on my poor little garden and by this time next week I can plant the tomatoes, peppers and cucumber plants that are sitting in their planting pots just waiting to grow some yummy veggies for us to eat. In the mean time, I'll just be happy my livelihood doesn't depend on the weather conditions and pray for the farmers who do.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

   So ever since Baby Girl was 6 weeks old, we've had the tradition of going camping for Mother's Day. I know some women groan at the thought of camping, but keep in mind, I've got a trailer and my own potty, so we're really not roughing it too bad. Well this was by far one of the best camping trips we've ever had!!

    I think because  the men got to take their motorcycles on the trip it really helped. They were able to do some "big guy stuff" while I watched the little two on the playground (there's a huge wooden play structure were we go in Gettysburg). Plus they could take the bikes when we went to drive somewhere, so we weren't packed like sardines in the truck.

    The other reason was because the twins had a huge surprise planned for me. I had know idea those two had decided to surprise me with a Kindle for my Mother's Day gift (and we'll call it my birthday gift too). Sitting around the campfire on Friday night Twin 2 told me I can't wait to give you your gift on Sunday, it's so cool, you'll love it. OK so I'm thinking, great, they actually thought of me, maybe it's some jewelry, something unique, my interest is peeked, but now I've got two days to try to guess to myself what it is. 

   Mother's Day I woke to the smell of pancakes and a call of Mom where's the spatula? Twin 1 was making breakfast, but lack of a spatula had me concerned for the fate of the pancakes. Lucky for me, the little two ate the first crispy pancakes (hey, it's my day, don't judge me for not eating those pancakes!!!) Poor twin one was so disgusted at his attempt he didn't even make breakfast for himself (his pancakes got broken in the flipping) But Hubby did step in and make some egg sandwiches for the men.

   Ok on to gift time!!! Baby Girl made me two cards and I got bath salts in a little Chinese take out box (thank you awesome pre school teachers). Little Man gave me a bag of trail mix with the recipe, things like tiny marshmallows for all the squishy hugs, M&M's for times when it's just me and mom. (yeah I was choking back the tears reading that one). Meanwhile the twins are just standing there grinning like the Cheshire Cat. Finally they get to give me their gift. Twin 2 hands me a case of some kind???? Then Twin 1 hands me a Kindle box. I was speechless!! (something that almost never happens) I cried as I hugged them. They had all on their own decided to get me this gift with their own money they had worked for. I don't think I've ever had a gift given to me with so pride in the purchase of it.

    So I love my Kindle. Twin 2 keeps asking me what all I've got it to do. So far I've got the wireless set up (with the help of a Verizon tech) downloaded books and check my facebook with it. I feel bad I haven't explored all of it yet, but I'm just excited to have a new "book" to read.