Monday, April 18, 2011

Mom there's a beaver in the yard

   No there isn't really a beaver in our front yard, it's a groundhog, but don't try telling Baby Girl that, she's sure it's a beaver!!!!

    I tell her don't worry, he's just eating, he's fine. He better not be eating my pretty flowers (the dandelions that are making our yard look like it's polka dotted) I tell her no, he's probably eating the clover. Oh no, he's not going to eat the 4 leaf ones is he? No Baby Girl, the ground hogs only eat the 3 leaf ones. They like to leave the 4 leaf ones for little people to find. That seemed to calm her ( at least for the moment)

     Yes we have a groundhog in our front yard, actually he lives in the hedgerow along the front property line by the road. His name is Bob. The deal is as long as Bob (or maybe it's Roberta, we did have some little groundhogs last year roaming around) stays in the front, away from the house and my garden, he's allowed to co-exist on our little 2 acres. And yes, I let the dandelions grow wild in my yard (keeps the little 2 from picking the real flowers). And yes I might have lied to my child. But hey, maybe groundhogs really don't like to eat the 4 leaf clovers?


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I made some money

    and well I spent some too, but I think I almost broke even. I've been shopping at this local, three times a year, consignment sale for the past few years now. I always seem to find some good deals, but I knew I was missing some good deals too because if you are a consignor you get first dibs on the sale. So this time I bit the bullet and decided to spend the $10 consignor fee and sell some of Little Man and Baby Girls clothes at the sale as well as buy stuff.

    It's pretty simple you just fill out your registration on line, pay your $10 fee and start entering the clothes you want to sell. They do provide guidance on what prices to sell your clothes at. $1-$2 for basics from say Walmart, Target, $2-$3 for JCPenny, the higher end dept stores $3-$5 for gymbo, Janie and Jack, that type of place. If you're going to be a consignor, try to follow those guidelines, remember people are looking for deals, so if you're priced too high, you're stuff is going to sit on the rack. Once you've entered everything you want to sell into your computer (this really isn't that hard, I'm not very computer literate, but managed to make out just fine) then you can print out your tickets, use card stock, this way your tickets won't tear off and land on the floor.

    Some sales have their last day as a 1/2 price day, so you'll need to decide if you're going to do 1/2 price (I'd suggest doing that, you've already done all that work, at least try to re-coop some money for your efforts. Also you'll need to decide if you want to have the items not sold donated or if you'll be back to pick them up once the sale is over.

   The sale I did I got 60% of the sale price. If you volunteer you get another 10%. Also if you volunteer (at least at this sale) you get the 1st chance to shop. So it really does pay to take a 3 hour shift. Also for us SAHMs it's a great excuse to get out and talk with other mommies.

   In the end I made about $35. I spent about $33 between the pre-sale and the 1/2 price sale. So not too shabby. Yes, you could say after you factor in the $10 to register it cost me money, but... I didn't really spend a lot of money on the clothes I sold (most were from the last consignment sale) and I was able to get first dibs on the sale so I got some great deals that may have been gone before I got there had I not been able to shop the pre-sales. All in all it was a good experience and I'll most likely do it again in the fall. 

   So if you're interested google consignment sales in your area and see what pops up. You might just find a new way to make a few dollars on out grown clothes.