Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas is over

  I love the holidays, but it's kind of nice that it's over now. Christmas day was great, the only bad part was my parents missed breakfast, Pop still wasn't feeling right and needed to make a trip back to the hospital, he's better now (those old farmers are too stubborn to have anything keep them down for too long). We did have a nice visit with Hubby's nephew and his darling girlfriend. (need to have them over more!)

   Saturday we got up at the butt crack of dawn to go to the super wal-mart because someone (me) forgot to buy a Christmas card for her kids to give to their dear aunt, so I had to get there before they were put away for the year. But while there I did find packaging for the chocolate peanut butter fudge I made for the family gifts. So not a total loss. Also Mom and Pop were able to come down and visit for a little while. The kids were all happy to see the grandparents, plus it extended the gift giving.
     Later in the afternoon, my sis and her hubby and one of their boys dropped by for more gifts. Who needs Santa when Aunt F comes to town??? Yes, the Disney Princess vanity/keyboard is a big hit. Just need to find a home for it (along w/ the rest of the Christmas haul). Plus it's just nice to visit w/ them and joke.

    Sunday was the BIG FAMILY PARTY, it's like 35+ people, that my mom and dad cook for. Almost all the siblings are there, the local grandkids try to make it. It's fun and food all rolled into one. I can't wait to try the salsa my nephew and his soon to be wife made. It was a huge hit last year, so glad they made it again!

      There was talk of future camping trips to plan as well. So nice to think of camping, it's only 4-5 months till we get to go again!!!

     The other bonus this year was the first time the older 2 (17) went out and bought gifts on their own with their own money from working. They made some really great choices for their little bother and sister. The best part was the twins were excited to see the little ones faces when the gifts were open. Little Man also got his first taste of true gift giving with being able to buy from the secret santa shop at school. While most of his gifts were bought with what he'd like in mind, he did a great job on my gift. I got a very pretty necklace from him. He's so excited to see me wear it. It's the little things that make me smile.

     So I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and will have a very Happy, Healthy New Year <3

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm greedy!!!!

  I know this sounds bad, but it's not, I'm greedy about spending time with my family. I was coming home tonight from work and it was just starting to snow. I know the weather man said it will turn into rain, but he said that about last Saturday and we actually got a nice little amount of snow. So now I'm praying the cold stays and we get enough snow for a snow day!!!!

    I love snow days!!!!! The kids get off from school, so the teens are happy about that. Then Hubby might decide he doesn't want to deal with all the idiots between here and work on the way home, so he'll call in and we'll have a family day. Nothing like playing out in the snow, riding quads, pulling sleds (hey Redneck sledding isn't really that dangerous). Even the shoveling can be fun if you feel like being in a goofy mood.

     So I've got plenty of hot coco and little tiny marshmallows, enough sugar, flour and butter to make the house smell of cookies for days, so... Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!