Saturday, November 7, 2009

How I got my name

Well it's easy, beacuse I rarely match my socks. Now this doesn't really bother me that my socks don't match. In fact if I'm having a bad day I'll choose 2 socks that aren't even close. It's like my own personal little joke. (never said I have the worlds best sense of humor). I also know this bothers some people, so if I know I'll be near them and have my shoes off, I'm blatently obvious about it (I know, petty, but I never claim to be otherwise)

Now if I'm going out for a nice night (which so rarely happens) and I'm wearing my mules, I take the time to make sure I've got matching socks on. They'll match each other as well as the outfit I'm wearing. Which means my poor dear hubby will have to wait a few extra minutes for me to get ready because, since I don't pair them while I'm doing laundry, it can take a while that find to of the same.

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