Monday, April 18, 2011

Mom there's a beaver in the yard

   No there isn't really a beaver in our front yard, it's a groundhog, but don't try telling Baby Girl that, she's sure it's a beaver!!!!

    I tell her don't worry, he's just eating, he's fine. He better not be eating my pretty flowers (the dandelions that are making our yard look like it's polka dotted) I tell her no, he's probably eating the clover. Oh no, he's not going to eat the 4 leaf ones is he? No Baby Girl, the ground hogs only eat the 3 leaf ones. They like to leave the 4 leaf ones for little people to find. That seemed to calm her ( at least for the moment)

     Yes we have a groundhog in our front yard, actually he lives in the hedgerow along the front property line by the road. His name is Bob. The deal is as long as Bob (or maybe it's Roberta, we did have some little groundhogs last year roaming around) stays in the front, away from the house and my garden, he's allowed to co-exist on our little 2 acres. And yes, I let the dandelions grow wild in my yard (keeps the little 2 from picking the real flowers). And yes I might have lied to my child. But hey, maybe groundhogs really don't like to eat the 4 leaf clovers?


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