Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And now I can breath a sigh of relief!

       The twins are officially high school graduates! And that my friends is no small feat! They both had very bad cases of senioritis! In fact so bad, I wasn't so sure they were going to walk to get their diplomas. I think I got at least 30 more gray hairs in the last month (not that I didn't need to dye it already). I think I can write about it now, without crying (too much) so here goes.

       One June 8th they graduated from their vocational school (in our area the students have a choice to split their educational day between "home school" and "tech school") Now this wasn't the graduation that worried me. I knew they were passing their classes there with flying colors. Twin 1 was awarded the "Excellence in Machining" and given 2 tool boxes, with machining tools, that were gifted to the school from a retired machinist. Twin 2 was awarded "Excellence in Welding" from his employer and also given a bonus from them. #2 also won an award for writing a letter to thank a veteran for their service. This award is given to a graduating senior from his welding class every year in honor of a past student who upon graduation joined the Marine Corp and lost his life in Iraq. The mother of the Marine was there to present #2 with the $500 check to be used toward further education or tools for his trade. (as a mother, I can't imagine her loss and my heart breaks for her. The strength to go every year and meet these young men who must remind her so much of her own lost son) 

   So here they are all dressed up, ready to head off to tech graduation.

     So the next week we have the "home school" graduation. And this is the one that had me worried. But by the Grace of God and the skin of their teeth, they passed Economics and were able to walk with their class.
     Although they were irritated they had to miss their co-op jobs to make rehearsal, they suffered through their classmates being idiots. A little funny side note here is that because the class is so large (577) they have the kids come from either side to make it go quicker when they call the names. So Twin 1 finds his name on the side he needs to be on, but Twin 2's name is not on that sheet. Twin 2 now proceeds to almost hyperventilate because he thinks he failed his final and will not graduate with his class (which means he will have to face his parents who will not be happy at all) Finally after what must have seem like hours to him, but really only a few minutes, someone points out his name is on the other list that sits on the other side of the stage. Now as a mom, I know I should feel bad for my poor dear son, but, hey he shouldn't have cut it that close!!!!

    So there they are, all dressed in there cap and gowns, the grandparents have come, and even Hubby's brother and wife (who happens to also be my sister) hubby's nephew come to watch the graduation as well. And now it looks like rain. So I am texting all who pray and asking for prayers the rain holds off till the kids are done. Other then a few "spritzes" here and there, we made out alright and the rain held off (thank you Lord!!!!!)

       Twin #1 walking in with his class, so happy it's almost over

      Twin #2 has just gotten his diploma. The key to his future.

   After graduation the Pop Pop and Nana offered to host a little dinner party at the Texas Roadhouse!!! We had a great meal and a good time. If you've ever been to the TR you know they have a saddle you get to sit in for special occasions such as birthdays, etc. Well graduating is a pretty special occasion so the waitress wanted to know if  she should bring the saddle over for the twins.  Oh heck yeah, bring that bad boy over!!!!
    So with a little bit of coaxing each twin had their turn in the saddle as all shouted YEA HAW!!!!! Yes their faces turned a little red, but it was all in good fun and they laughed just as hard as the rest of us
                                                      Twin 2
  Twin 1
     And so now they're men and working in the real world. Twin 1 is a machinist, working for a company that makes surgical parts. His boss seems pleased with his work and he will be working full time (started today) It's a good job and the benefits are good. 
       Twin 2 will be working 3 days a week (his choice) for the month of July and goes full time in August. His employer also seems quite please to have him working there. They were happy to see he'd spent his bonus on a nice tool box that will help #2 to be a good employee.

   So we have 2 down and 2 to go. (although it's going to be a long while before the other 2 are even close) I am very proud of the young men who are my sons. They've struggled, but they've prevailed and they are on the road to success. Sure they'll have a little stumble here or there, but I beleive they've got what it takes to make it in this world. For now they'll stay living here at the house. I don't think I'm ready for them to move out just yet. Let me just enjoy not having to hound them to do their homework.


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