Monday, May 30, 2011

Feeling much more hopeful about the garden

  OK so finally the rain stopped long enough for us to get back in the garden!!!! I did have to replant the string beans and carrots, but the peas and radishes are thriving, the verdict is still out on the beets, but they like to be spread apart anyhow.

   With Dad's help we got the garden tilled till the dirt was nice and fine. Then twin #1 planted the corn (only a little curve to the row)

 We planted 4 rows of Butter and Sugar (bi-color) and 2 rows of  Silver Queen. The bi-color will come on quicker, so by the 1st week in August I'll have sweet corn!!! (YUMMY!!!!)
     I know we totally cheat using the bigger equipment, but hey, it sure does make my life easier to plant lots of corn that way. Plus it makes The Men happy to help in the garden!!

      It rained this morning, well actually a down pour, but hoping that didn't wash the seeds away and will just help them to jump up quick.!!

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