Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 2 (he poops)

  Day two Dozer showed us more of his personality, some good, some not so good. Dozer woke up fine, came out of the bathroom where he sleeps and went for his walk with me. I noticed there was a smell in the bathroom, but I looked all over the floor and there was no poop, so I figured he had some gas. Twin #1 goes into the bathroom and comes out saying uhm, did no one really notice what he did in the tub? Of course not, why would I look in the tub???? Dozer had pooped the size of a meatloaf!!!!!! (gag) So after much arguing discussing, Hubby and Twin#2(the one who's wanted a dog his entire life) cleaned up about 2 1/2 pounds of dog poop out of the bathtub. Then Twin#1 got the joy of scrubbing the tub out. (hey I'm always looking for family bonding!!!!) 
please commence the belly rubbing

     As a side note, Little Man has decided he'll never take a shower in that bathroom again. I didn't have the heart to remind him of how many times he poop in my bathtub when he was a baby!

  Dozer has also decided to find out where he fits into "the pack". He got aggressive with Hubby when Hubby was sitting on the couch playing with Dozer. That got the old heart pumping because Dozer is a big dog!!!, with a big mouth. Hubby did get firm with Dozer and show him who's the alpha male.  Dozer also tried this with the 18 year old twins as well. (we had warned them after Hubby's go'round that morning, so they were prepared) and Dozer did offer his belly to be rubbed by all of them so I think we're good.

  Dozer however didn't mess with me (smart dog knows not to mess with the mama!!) Dozer also puts up with all the love the little 2 want to give him.
I am king of all I survey!!!

  Oh and it rained yesterday, so we all got a chance to walk the dog in the rain (yeah we all enjoyed it about as much as the dog, but it sure beats cleaning up a mess in the house)

   So it looks like Dozer is winding his way into our household. We have to let the adoption agency know on Saturday if we'll be keeping him forever. He's such a sweet dog and he's already lost 2 home (the one that abandoned him and the foster home where he didn't get along with the other foster dog). 
    Our next adventure will be a trip to the vet!!! Fingers crossed that all goes well : )

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