Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our New Addition

 So after my hubby vowing to never have a dog in the house, relented and we've gotten a dog (or maybe a small horse depending on how you look at it.)

   We had decided we'd rescue a dog instead of buy a puppy for a number of reasons. The most important reason being there are so many great dogs out there who need a loving home almost anyone will adopt a cute little puppy, the older dogs have lost some of their cuteness (at least to some people) Plus since my kids are not the best at picking up their toys and puppies love to chew on anything they can reach, there would have been some tears shed.

   So after browsing the petfinder site for over a month we found a dog we all like and that the foster "parent" would get back in touch with us. So this Saturday we got to meet Koby and bring him home if we all got along. Well we all got along and now he's snoring in my living room.  Since Koby's name is a little too close to one of the kid's names, we're renaming him Dozer (yes as in bulldozer)

   The car ride home wasn't too bad, he settled down in the car and with the help of Twin#1 petting him the whole time he had a great first ride. To show Twin#1 his gratitude for being so kind, Dozer sneezed on him (eeewwww gross).

  We decided to give Dozer a bath and that went really well, Dozer stood there like a good boy.So other then the "whole shake like a dog when it's wet", we did really good. Dozer smells like a nice dog and not the kennel anymore.

 Our first day with Dozer wasn't too eventful. Thankfully no accidents in the house. Dozer likes to pull on the leash sometimes, but he'll soon learn who gets to control the walking. Going to check into a special harness for him.

  Dozer seems to be a great dog. He loves to be pet and have his belly rubbed. The kids all think he's great. Other then reminding him Not for Dozer when he puts his nose to the counter we seem to all be getting along. I have a feeling this is going to be quite an adventure for all of us.


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