Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm excited for the warm weather

  Anyone who live North of the Mason Dixie Line knows that winter is fine, but come April, we've had enough and we want Spring. So the last few weeks have been springlike, hot one day, chilly the next, the ever present danger of the last frost worries those who plant. Also the warmer days mean it's time to get the camper out and get it ready to head down the road. I am super excited about that!! I can't wait for our first trip out on Mother's Day weekend to Gettysburg (Ryan's Steakhouse here we come)

    So with the warmer weather we were able to start the garden. I got PopPop's old tiller out (yes the one my grandfather used), gave it a little tickle and I was breaking ground. I planted radishes, onions, a whole role of peas, turnips and carrots. Then the weather was pretty warm the other day, so I tilled some more rows and put in beets,  leaf lettuce, more carrots and remembering that once the kids had "helped" eating all the way  pick the row I didn't have enough for a meal, I put in another 40 foot of peas. Hopefully this year I'll actually get to have some with a dinner or two.

    Little Man picked out flower seeds to plant. His reasoning for planting flowers is because while we eat the vegetables from the garden, the bees really like the flowers for nectar for their honey (where does he come up with this stuff???)   So when we get back from our Mother's Day trip, we'll fire up the rototiller again and plant his flowers for the bees, along with green beans.

   I have to say, I was really anxious to get back to the garden this year. I love to walk barefoot and feel the dirt under my toes. How can you plant if you can't feel the dirt?. I also seem to feel a sense of calm when I'm working in the garden. Maybe it's because I know I'm using PopPop's tiller, it makes me feel connected to something bigger then myself. I can't help but wonder if he's looking down, smiling that his granddaughter and her family love to work with the land like he did. I wonder if he's smiling that the old Case rototiller is still chugging right away. I feel very lucky to have known my grandfather. He was a good man and well liked by everyone he met. My dad reminds me so much of him and I realize how lucky my kids are to have the same type of grandfather, one who's quick with a smile, happy to share a story and proud to be a PopPop.

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