Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's tough no matter what your age.

 I always smile when I see someone who has twins and tell them what a blessing they have (nothing makes me madder then people who say oh twins double trouble). Some parents of twins have asked me if it gets easier when the kids get older. You can see they're desperate to hear it will get easier, so, I tell a white lie and say, Oh sure the older they get the easier it is. I know it's not nice to lie, but it's not an outright lie. Things will change, but I don't think it ever gets easier, it's just trading on set of problems for another.

 When the twins were young and we were sleep deprived, we'd long for the time when they'd sleep through the night, when the boys would be old enough to do things on their own, silly us!!

    So now the twins are much older, really almost ready to do everything on their own. In less then a year they'll be 18, legal adults and yet, I don't think it's easier. In fact I think these years are even harder then the sleepless nights filled with diapers, bottles and crying babies. I still have sleepless nights, but now it's because I'm laying there thinking about all the new problems. Will they be able to stay on the straight and narrow? Will they be able to pay their bills (car insurance is ridiculous for teenage boys)

    And then there's the hardest part of all, matters of the heart. You think it was heartbreaking when you were a teenager to have someone break your heart, have a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend??? Well just watch your teen go through it and you'll find a whole new level of pain. It's like a baby with colic, there's not a thing you can do to make it better, it's just got to run it's course.

  Now lest I scare all the young mothers out there, I will say there are a lot of pluses as well. The joy of watching my teens pass their drivers test was incredible, yeah I cried, but it was tears of joy and pride. Being able to sit at the table and really talk to your kids, laugh at their jokes, be in awe of their knowledge of the world around them, that's pretty cool too.

  So truth be told, it's doesn't get better, it's just gets different. But then I don't remember anyone ever telling me parenting was easy (at least not if you're doing it right). I can't imagine my life any other way though. I can't imagine how quiet and boring dinner would be. So to be cliche' it's the toughest job I've ever had and I love it more then I can ever imagine.

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