Sunday, November 28, 2010

30 Looks for $30

    So inspired by the blog of the young lady who was doing New Dress a Day, the young lady spending $365 for the year and making a new dress out of what she found thrifting and my nephew's darling GF over at Chocolate Covered Bridges with her 30 Day challenge, I came up with my own challenge. I thought I could do 30 looks for $30.

   So this weekend armed with $30 and Hubby to watch the little ones, I went off to the thrift stores. I know some people groan at the mere thought of walking into a thrift store (my teen boys included) but to me it's like going hunting for the 12 point buck, some days, you'll just take your gun for a walk and some days you'll bag the buck. This weekend I bagged my buck!

    I found 12 tops for $30, not too bad of a deal. But my real goal was to find things I could mix and match and really get the most bang for my money. 
So I found 12 items that I think I can get at least 30 looks from. I didn't find any pants/skirts, so I guess I can't really call them outfits, so I'll just say "looks"
   My purchases were
  • long sleeved black silky blouse
  • black and gray v neck sweater
  • plain black long sleeve t shirt
  • periwinkle 3/4 length sleeve blouse
  • long sleeve olive green blouse
  • eggplant v-neck sweater
  • light olive green v-neck sweater
  • white with brown striped blouse
  • light olive green v-neck t-shirt
  • lilac scooped neck sleeveless sweater
  • short sleeve navy blue blouse
  • oatmeal scoop neck t-shirt

  So while some of these pieces I wouldn't wear by themselves, I know they'll fit into my overall plan.

    And if I wear something that doesn't really match, please feel free to tell me, I'm not the most fashionable mom on the block.


Charlene said...

Sounds like a great plan...I'm sure you'll succeed!

Cathryn♥ said...

I love this idea! I also love the (what looks like) cable knit, the striped shirt and the lilac sleeveless top - that color is beautifuL! We should totally go thrifting together - its my favorite activity! We can stick your nephew with the little ones - he is surprisingly good with kids!

ps. thanks for the shout out!