Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ack it's been way too long

 I've been reading everyone's blogs on a hit or miss basis, but I realized how much I miss doing my own, so here I am blabbing away on the internet. Hopefully I'll be doing some more cooking things and adding some more pictures (once I remember how to post them)

   So just craziness of life going on. The big things, the twins turned 18. Holy crap!! How did that happen???? I'm the mother of adults!!! I'm still a little in shock. They're good boys (for the most part) but it's now hit me with full force, we've got so much left to teach them and so little time. So I try to wrangle them in the kitchen when I'm cooking now. I mean they've got to learn how to cook more then just a microwave hot dog and a can of soup. Most girls out there today are expecting their husbands to be more helpful around the house (as they should).

   So I'll be trying to keep up better. I'm sure Little Man and Baby Girl will provide me with some cute stories as always.