Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Conference Time

 So the week of Thanksgiving is conference time in our school district and we've got plenty to be thankful for in our family.

   Little Man is doing well in class. He's pleasant, helpful and brings something unique to his class (I think that's the teacher's way of telling me she's never had a quad riding, camping, fishing, "I'll tell you everything you never wanted to know about any of these subjects" kid in her class before.) There's some communication/comprehension/confidence barriers there, but I think it's because, well, she just doesn't speak "redneck" so the teacher sometimes has to ask Little Man to rephrase things. Which can make him think he's said the wrong thing. But he'll work on it and it will get better. And one more thing about Little Man, he LOVES his big brothers. His kid writing journal has stories of big brothers and the teacher said he smiles when he talks about them, so while it has nothing to do with education, it still made me happy to hear.

    On to Baby Girl. I know conference for a 3 year old, but hey, I'm a mom, I like to hear how cute my kid is. And if there really was a problem, I'd like to know that too. But Baby Girl is just a happy little butterfly in class. She dances, walking in to class in the morning. She's very orderly in putting things away (hhhmmm, are you sure we're talking about my daughter here??? The one who getting to the bed at night is like Moses parting the Red Sea???) So it was a nice morning for the mommy yesterday.

    Now tomorrow the big two have their senior/graduation project presentation. So praying that goes well. And so thankful I didn't have to do that back in the day.


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