Monday, December 13, 2010

Curbside Pick Up

  That sounds so much nicer then "trash picker" doesn't it? But hey, some people throw out some pretty nice stuff, so why let it fill up a landfill? See, I'm being green and recycling (which still sounds better then "trash picker).

   So anyway... I've been wanting a mirror for the mudroom since I painted it back in the summer. I really haven't found anything in my price range that I liked. Well driving down the road over the weekend, what should grab my attention, but someone's cast offs sitting at the curb. I stopped to look at a storage bin set, but then I saw this mirror and fell in love.
     This is a great old mirror, the wood is real, the mirror weighs a ton, but it looks wonderful. The only down part to this mirror is the stud isn't in the center of were we hung the mirror, so it's a little of center, but I can live with that. With just a little Pledge and Method window cleaner (oh I love that minty smell) this mirror looks great in it's new home.

   Hubby likes to have a mirror by the door to check out his hair before he leaves (although he always wears a hat, so does it really make a difference?) The other nice part about where this hangs is, it reflects the light coming in the door, so it brightens up my mudroom some. 

   Or if you want to check your hair after you've walked through the wind tunnel to get in the house, then it will work for that too.

   So now you know my decorating secret, I pick other people's trash up. But.... it's good for the planet because it's not going in the dump. It's good for the piece, because it would be a shame to not have this simple, but beautiful mirror displayed in someone's home. Last but not least, it's good for the budget, because it's free and who doesn't like free? 

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Charlene said...

One girl's trash is another girl's treasure...that's my motto! Great find!