Monday, December 6, 2010

I love my Shark Steam Mop

 And when I say love I mean love!!!!!! Let me just say, I hate to clean. The only reason I do it is because no one else will  (the cleaning fairy has lost the directions to my house). I will do anything to try to make cleaning more enjoyable. Then add to that that most cleaners are kind of toxic and the smell of some makes you wonder if you should have cross ventilation in the house when you crack the bottle open.

   OK so Black Friday lots of places had steam mops on sale for a pretty good price, but Target had the Shark mop for $49 and it was the only one that had the full head (most has some little triangle head that would have taken forever to clean with).So I decided I'd elbow my way in and get the mop. I mean for 1/2 price, how could I go wrong??

    So yesterday, I'm sitting there looking at my dirty kitchen floor (I've got 4 kids, it seems like the kitchen floor is always dirty) and I decided my mop can't wait till Christmas, I want to use it now. So out comes the box with the very easy directions on how to assemble and start cleaning. I was mopping with in 10 minutes. Oh the joy of it all. There was no lugging the bucket of water and praying I don't trip (I really am that big of a klutz). No wringing the mop out, no manual effort at all really. Just plug in the mop and start moving it back and forth. The movement of the handle releases the steam, so if you've got a tough spot, just give it a little more steam and up it comes. The head swivels so you can do along the edges easily. The best part no toxic fumes.

    So the kitchen floor came out great!!! I was so impressed, I had to try my hardwood floor in the living room. I had the men folk clear out the furniture from the living room (if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right) and pushed the dust mop around first (you want to do this, or you'll make mud). The hardwood came up so nice, that I decided to polish it since I already had the floor clean and I can't remember the last time I actually polished the floor. It looked brand new!!
Look at that shine
  I polished the floor this time, but I do think the floor looked great even without it being polished. This is real hardwood flooring, the steam doesn't leave wet spots, it was barely damp.

  I really can't find one thing wrong with this mop. It's easy to use, lightweight, works great, easy clean up, really handy to have. Just make sure you dust mop the area you're going to use the steam mop on and you should be good to go. I will say this created an "If you give a mouse a cookie" kind of vibe. Since the kitchen floor came up so nice, I did the living room floor. Well that came up so nice, I did both bathroom floors. And since they came up so nice today I'm going to do the mud room floor and the hall. So it's a little addictive, don't say I didn't warn you. Knowing what I know now, I'd have bought the mop for full price (well actually I'd have bought it was Bed, Bath and Beyond and used a 20% off coupon. It really is a must have in a house.

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Cathryn♥ said...

OMG you are so right - That mop is the jam! I love it! I use it to clean my parents house and it's soooo easy! Your living room looks A-MAZ-ING!